Any way you like it:  A customized massage, incorporating Swedish and Deep Tissue.

60min / $110   75min / $130   90min / $150

Reflexology:  Pressure point massage on hand and feet.

30min / $70   45min / $85

Hot Stone:  Heated basalt stones combined with traditional massage techniques.

75min / $165   

Thai Massage:  An interactive massage involving joint manipulation and stretching.

75min / $130    90min / $150

Mellow Mama:  Prenatal massage using specific body pillow systems, customized to your needs.

60min / $110   75min / $130

Couples:  Share a relaxing experience in the same room.

60min / $220   75min / $260   90min / $300

Myofascial Release Treatment w/ Angelika: Each unique session is crafted to your needs and combines Myofascial Release Technique, Therapeutic Massage, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Energy work, Acupressure, and Meridian Balancing.  You will be guided through the process of removing body constrictions and inner resistance to reach a deep sense of relaxation, balancing the flow of energy through a mind-body-heart connection.  Learn more here.

90min / $150   120min / $190