Four Moons Massage

A full body massage using aromatherapy and customized to your specific needs, from a gentle, relaxing massage to a therapeutic deep tissue.

60 minutes $120  l  75 minutes $140  l  90 minutes $160



An ancient healing system incorporating acupressure, energy balancing and passive yoga postures.

75 minutes $140  l  90 minutes $160



Pressure to specific reflex points and meridians on the feet, hands, or ears that correspond to body systems and organs having a beneficial effect to overall health.

30 minutes $75  l  60 minutes $160


Mellow Mama

PreNatal massage customized to the specific needs of the expecting mama. This massage benefits mom-to-be and baby by promoting relaxation, improving circulation and reducing swelling. No recommended for first trimester mamas.

60 minutes $120  l 75 minutes $140



Full Body massage incorporating warm basalt stones used to penetrate the muscles and promote detoxification and deep relaxation.

75 minutes $150



Side by side customized full body massages.  

60 minutes $240  l 75 minutes $280  l  90 minutes $320